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In the middle of a dark, dense forest, one man saw a ray of hope. That great man, Shri Ram Lal Agrawal was inspired by the following thought published in an eminent journal on practical medicine, The Practitioner, in December, 1950.. 

"The lore of the countryman is built upon the experience of generations, often of centuries, and the data upon which it is based have often been obtained at a price in human lives which no modern research worker would ever dream of considering. It is particularly appropriate at the present moment, when the pharmaceutical companies of the world are emitting an unceasing flow of new synthetic drugs, that attention should be turned to the possible remedies that may be found among indigenous herbs of this and other countries."

Shri Ram Lal Agrawal was a renowned expert on identification, collection and therapeutic application of herbs. He was fascinated by the virtues of the 5000 year old Indian System of Medicine called Ayurveda, which deals with the use of herbs for the treatment of humans and animals.
Since then Indian Herbs has investigated what our ancestors did 5000 years ago, searched, researched, scientifically developed, pharmacologically tested and clinically evaluated the herbal products on modern scientific lines using the latest technology.
Indian Herbs, Saharanpur (UP), Indian established in 1951 is the leading and pioneer company, manufacturing herbal animal health care products for ruminants, poultry, pigs, equines, pets, aqua and other animal specials for over 64 years.

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