Fatty liver Ayurvedic cure

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Fatty liver Ayurvedic Cure with Optiliv

Accumulation of fat in the liver to some extent is normal, but the amount exceeding 5-10% of the organ’s actual weight tends to a case of fatty liver. This syndrome originates primarily from regular and excess amount of alcohol consumption. However these are cases of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Alcoholic liver disease, as the name suggests is the birth child of excess alcohol consumption. Other things affecting ALD is excess amount of Iron in the body, Hepatitis C; on the other hand non-alcoholic fatty liver is likely to be found among middle aged people with overweight, cholesterol and diabetes.

Function of Optiliv

The liver plays a major role in the functioning of your body creating essential compounds for conversion of clear plasma to blood. It also identifies the toxic elements in the body and maintains the purity from preventing them from entering the body by storing them. OptiLiv providing protection from fatty liver, early recovery from liver dis-function and improved appetite has proved to be the best ayurvedic medicine. The main Ingredients include Glioe, Punarnava, Gokhru, Paashaanbhed, Varuna, Kalmegh, Makoe, Bhringiraj and Harar. OptiLiv, the Fatty liver Ayurvedic cure help you to maintain a healthy diet acting as a food supplement. It is available in concentrated form for easy and timeless action.

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