Blood platelet count decrease

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Blood platelet count decrease

Thrombocytopenia – results in high risk in life

Lower count of blood platelet can also be termed as thrombocytopenia. This kind of condition might vary from very mild till highly severe stuff. The symptoms can be fatal if the bleeding can profuse and some might not have any kind of symptoms for the same kind of disease. This kind of problem often leads to blood platelet count decrease that is leukemia.

The patient that suffers from blood platelet count decrease shows:-

  • Bleeding gums
  • Sometimes nose bleeds.
  • High periodic bleeding continues for long.
  • Blood in stools and urine is another important symptom for the same.
  • The patient sees spots on the body that usually stay for longer days.

There is internal bleeding too sometimes leading to unstable health issues and at times the patient cannot even get up. Blood platelet count decrease leads to heavy neurological problems and finally a painful life.

Glance through the treatments for such problem with things must be avoided:

  • Low intake of alcohol is a must.
  • Avoid high risk bleeding gums.
  • Intake of immune globulin.
  • Drugs that probably suppress the immune system.
  • Removal of spleen can be the best option for the same.

Please remember the treatment of blood platelet count decrease differs from person to person depending on the severe nature of the same. In many cases on monitoring becomes the option for the same.

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