Ashwagandha for anti-stress

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Ashwagandha for anti-stress

Stress and tension has become an inevitable and inseparable part of your busy life resulting to a number of physiological and psychological changes. It is a way of the body’s way to respond to the threat or demand indicated towards it. Beyond your comfort zone, the negative aspect of stress comes into function causing immense harm to you physical functioning, often resulting into high blood pressure, irregular heart-beat, breakdown of nervous system with the extreme case resulting into stroke. Depression is another major effect caused as a result of stress and tension. The cognitive symptoms include memory error, inability to recognize, anxiety and constant worry while the emotional symbols include fluctuation of mood, agitation and irritability.


This is not all. The physical ailments too are a part of stress including Aches and pains, diarrhea, nausea, frequent colds and loss of sex drive. Indian Herbs has taken immense patience and recognition to introduce EnMood and WITHAMLAJIT to its valued customers to help them come over stress. EnMood is known to enhance and maintain the cheerful mood, lower the anxiety depression and irritable mood. The main ingredient includes St. John’s Wort and Amla. WITHAMLAJIT fights the negative effects of stress and increases the adaptability of the body to fight stress.Ashwagandha for anti-stress plays the most prominent role in the making of WITHAMLAJIT. Its other ingredients include amla, purified shilajit and tulsi. 

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