Explore For Optimum Body
Defense in Viral Infection
and Immune-Potentiator
Explore To Help Mobility and
Recovery from Joint Pain
Explore For optimum kidney function,
renal efficiency and to
help improve quality of life
in Chronic Renal Diseases
Explore Hepato-Protective,
Appetite and
Digestive Stimulant

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Indian Herbs Specialties is the leader & pioneer in herbal health care products for over 69 years, providing benchmark sustainable, safe, and science-based solutions. It was established to harness the rich treasure of herbs for developing and producing Ayurmed Specialities (Herbal Medicines) with the aim of ‘Bridging The Gaps In Modern Medicine. Indian Herbs Specialities brings into the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry a range of unique Ayurmed Specialities, based on original research of many years. These products have assured performance in terms of efficacy, reliability, and safety.

Continuous high-level research has resulted in the development of many unique herbal products particularly in those therapeutic segments where the modern system of medicine does not provide satisfactory cures and similarly not much has been offered, so far; by alternative systems of medicine.

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Research & Development has been pivotal in the development of Indian Herbs. Continuous high level research helped in developing many unique products particularly in those segments where modern system of medicine does not provide satisfactory solutions and similarly not much has been offered, so far, by alternative systems of medicine. More than 192 scientists have been awarded higher degrees (post-graduate or doctorate) for outstanding research studies on these herbal products and more than 750 research papers have been published on these products in eminent nation…..More

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